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Creating the Future of Robotics and Automation

Bring your ideas to life with cutting edge design and analysis

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Bring Your Design from Idea to Reality

Dual Quaternion Robotics can take your concepts and create bespoke, functional prototypes that match your specifications. Implementing expert design, thorough analysis, meticulous documentation, and precision manufacturing, assembly, and testing, we can help you start or expand your robotics and automation portfolio. 


Take your ideas from concept to functional 3-dimensional model with expert design services.


Improve efficiency and impress customers with full documentation, renderings, and animations of your designs. 


Have confidence in your design before it is ever built. Let computational analysis of your design enhance the probability of a successful implementation.

Prototype Manufacturing

Bring your concept to life with a physical execution. Attention to detail, modern manufacturing techniques, and rigorous testing procedures will ensure a successful prototype. 

Innovative Design.
Tangible Results.

Dual Quaternion Robotics is committed to developing the future of robotics and automation. We provide you with the tools to design, analyze, manufacture, and test the electromechanical components you need to automate your processes. Our rigorous attention to detail, thorough analysis and testing, and real-world build experience can help bring your vision to life.

We have experience ranging from integration of simple COTS components to get the job done all the way to designing novel, never before seen technology. The only limit is your imagination (and physics).

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Are You Ready to Embody Your Ideas?

Reach out to us to discuss your needs and our capabilities. 

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